Thanks to its rich mechanical, electronic specifications all you are looking for is on PROPEL
series! Thanks to fully automatic special pellet burner, automatic heat exchanger cleaning system
%93 efficiency is obtained.The combustion chamber and burning pot of this device are made of special chrome steel resistant to high temperature, and the heat exchanger and water jacket are made of steel.


• Automatic Fuel Feeding Feature: Boiler automatically feeds the fuel into the burn pot via the help of an auger. The user is able to adjust the settings of fuel feeding and fuel waiting times.

• Automatic Ignition Feature: The automatic ignition is obtained via the heating resistance installed on the boilers that have the feature of automatic ignition. Thanks to this feature, the user does not handle with any igniters.

• Automatic Ash Removal Feature: This system removes the ashes that occur in the burning room out of the boiler into the bags or boxes via the help of a double augers. Thanks to this feature clean, comfortable and secureenvironment is obtained by preventing the spill of the ash and dust.

• Automatic Heat Exchanger Cleaning Feature: The particles inside the smoke resulting from the combustion cause soot when passing through the chimney from the combustion chamber. The result of the formation of the soot inside andaround the smoke tubes cause the problems of reduction of efficiency, problem with the draught of the chimney and quick deformation. Thanks to this feature on our boiler, high efficiency, proper chimney draught and long years of durability are obtained.

• Automatic Mixing Feature: The cinder layer which exists after the combustion cause the reduction of flame and spreading out the unburned coal pieces. Thanks to the burner having the feature of automatic mixing system,100 % full combustion is obtained. (for only PEL Series)


• Easy Use: The software of the controller is English / Turkish / French / Danish / Espanol / Bulgarski / Greek.

• Advanced Weekly Timer: According to the days of a week, the user can set any specific hour period up to demand.

• Temperature Control With Room Thermostat: The user can control the temperature of the ambiance by installing a

room thermostat as an option.

• Outside Temperature Sensor: Thanks to this feature, the user is able to set various temperatures depending on the

outside temperature differences during day and night.

• DHW Sensor and Pump Operation Feature: Thanks to this feature, the user can get domestic hot water in summer and


• Digital Fan Speed Control Feature: Fan cycles can be adjusted digitally on the electronic control card. Thanks to this

feature, the amount of air for different type of fuels can be adjusted automatically.

• Sleep Mode: Thanks to this feature, the activation of the combustion is obtained with automatic ignition that functions

in certain period of time.

• Fuel Feeding Motor Protection Feature: There is continuous measurement of the amp of the motor and this protection

steps in if any unexpected amp increase is recognized. Thanks to this the motor is protected against any material

available other than the fuel in the hopper.

• Back Burn Protection Feature: Thanks to this temperature sensor installed on the fuel feeding mechanism, back burn

is prevented against any potential dangerous occasion.

• Fuel Level Sensor: Thanks to this sensor, the fuel level in the hopper is recognized. When the boiler is out of fuel, the

alarm system steps in and warns the user.

• Chimney Tempature Sensor: Thanks to this sensor, the temperature of the flue is measured and fan speed is controlled

automatically. As a result fuel saving is obtained.

• Chimney Draught Feature: The feature of chimney draught performs negative pressure in the burning chamber. The

risk of leakage of smoke is eliminated.

• Modulation Feature: Thanks to this feature, boiler operates automatically according to the heat demand of the building.

Technical Info

Capacity kW 5-14 5-25 8-40 25-70 25-100
Width(A) mm 1500 1500 1550 1850 1850
Length(B) mm 970 970 1030 1650 1650
Height(C) mm 1700 1700 1850 1850 1850
Cold Water Inlet Height (D) mm 1160 1320 1520 1200 1200
Hot Water Outlet Height (E) mm 650 650 650 340 340
Flue Outlet Height (F) mm 1000 1310 130 1270 1270
Flue Diameter mm 128 128 128 200 200
Flow-Return inch 1 1 1 2 2
Expansion Outlet inch 1/2 1/2 1/2 1 1
Fill-Empty mm 1/2 1/2 1/2 1 1
Weight kg 400 450 510 1100 1100
Water Volume l 50 65 115 357 357
Hopper Capacity l 340 340 365 110 110
Max. Operation Pressure bar 3
Test Pressure bar 4,3
Temp. Control Limit 35-85
Max. Operation Temp 90
Reducer Motor Power W 50
Fan Power W 50 70 120 120
Ash Remowal Box Capacity l 20 40
Operation Power and Frequency W/Hz 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50 230/50
Operation Amper A 12 18 18

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